Sino-French Research Programs in Mathematics

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The Sino-French Research Program in Mathematics (SFRPM) has been created in 2011 to enhance the collaborative research between Chinese and French mathematicians. 

The founding centers of the SFPM are:

-  The Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research of Peking University (BICMR)
-  The Chern Institute of Mathematics at Nankai University (CIM)
-  The Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard (FMJH)
-  The Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP)
-  The Institut Joseph Fourier at Grenoble University (UJF)
 -  The School of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Science and Technology of China at Hefei (USTC)

 Other research centers will be associated as partners to the network of the SFRPM.

The SFRPM is co-directed by a Gang Tian (BICMR) and Yves Laszlo (FMJH). It is meant to work in a flexible way and is open to the full spectrum of mathematics. For the academic year 2011-2012, the total budget SFRPM is 100 000 Euros (about 1,000,000 RMB). The scientific activity of the SFPM is under the responsibility of a scientific committee composed as follows:

Gérard Besson (UJF), Sinnou David (FSMP), Jiayu Li (USTC), Yiming Long (CIM), Frank Pacard (FMJH), Gang Tian (BICMR).

Intensive Workshop Program for Young Researchers

The SFRPM starts in 2012 an Intensive Workshop Program for Young Researchers. The aim is to organize workshops which are focused on a specific topic and which involve the active participation of young researchers (starting level being the graduate student level). In spirit, the workshop can take a variety of forms (Séminaire Bourbaki type, Arbeitsgemeinshaft type as in Oberwolfach, …). It is expected that some scientific outcome (which can take the form of written lecture notes, a survey article or book clarifying a recent work,…) is produced for each workshop.

The organization committee of an Intensive Workshop Program for Young Researchers should involve few senior researchers but at least one Chinese and one French senior researcher belonging to the departments of the founding centers of the SFRPM.

The SFRPM expects that at least two workshops (one in China and one in France) can be organized yearly.


Proposals for Intensive Workshop Program for Young Researchers should be sent to Nicole Lhermitte at the following address ( The application should contain a plan of the workshop including a description of the workshop goals and focus, the organization committee, a precise description of the budget and the amount of the support you would like to get from the SFRPM. We plan to organize 2 calls per year, the first one being closed on December 15, 2011.


The SFRPM also launched:

a Joint Postdoctoral Program and a Research in Pairs Program for Collaborative Research.

Application forms for both programs are available at:

The deadline for applications is October, 15th 2012.