Thesis subjects proposals

Stochastic homogenization of water waves

Keywords : stochastic homogenization, hyperbolic equations, random differential operator, Anderson localization

Host laboratory : Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

Contact name : Antoine Gloria

Website :

Frame flows and holonomy in negative curvature

Keywords : Dynamical systems, frame flows, holonomy, microlocal analysis, algebraic topology

Host laboratory : Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-Paris Rive Gauche

Contact name : Thibault Lefeuvre

Website :

Generalized Langevin diffusion for sampling and effective dynamics

Keywords : stochastic differential equation, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, coarse-grained models, molecular dynamics

Host laboratory : Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

Contact name : Pierre Monmarché

Website :

Computational methods for multiscale problems

Keywords : Highly oscillatory PDEs, Homogenization, Galerkin methods

Host laboratory : INRIA Paris, Equipe MATHERIALS , (CERMICS, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées)

Contact name : Frederic Legoll and Claude Le Bris

Website :

Homogenization problems for various PDEs in the presence of defects

Keywords : highly oscillatory PDEs, homogenization, Hamilton-Jacobi equations, defects

Host laboratory : laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

Contact name : Yves Achdou, Xavier Blanc, Claude Le Bris

Website :

PhD proposals at the Research Institute on the Foundations of Computer Science (IRIF)

Keywords : Algorithms, their design and analysis, automata theory and applications, combinatorics, complex systems, complexity, computational formalisms, distributed computation, foundations of programming languages, interactive proof assistants, graph theory.

Host laboratory : IRIF

Contact name : See list in the web page below.

Website :

Crohn-AI : Leveraging integrated medical records (clinical, histological, molecular parameters) as explainable Artificial Intelligence to identify Crohn Disease patients with high risk of severe disease and treatment failure.

Keywords : Crohn's disease, computational histopathology, whole slide image analysis, molecular parameters, deep learning, explainable artificial intelligence, risk factors, big data analytics.

Host laboratory : Inria - Aramis Lab, Institut du Cerveau, Paris

Contact name : Daniel Racoceanu

Website :

Ergodicity breaking in systems of coupled piecewise expanding maps

Keywords : Dynamical Systems, Network dynamics, Collective dynamics

Host laboratory : LPSM

Contact name : Bastien Fernandez

Website :

Control design for a hybrid quantum device: mechanical oscillator coupled to superconducting circuit

Keywords : quantum control

Host laboratory : Inria-Paris QUANTIC teams

Contact name : Alain Sarlette

Website :

Model-order reduction for parametric Stochastic Differential Equationss

Keywords : Model reduction, stochastic differential equations

Host laboratory : MATHERIALS team-project, INRIA Paris & CERMICS, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

Contact name : Virginie Ehrlacher

Website :

Optimal transport for quantum chemistry

Keywords : Optimal transport, quantum chemistry

Host laboratory : MATHERIALS team-project, INRIA Paris & CERMICS, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

Contact name : Virginie Ehrlacher

Website :

Dynamic Games with long duration

Keywords : Discrete-time Stochastic Games; Differential Games; Hamilton-Jacobi equations

Host laboratory : CEREMADE, Paris Dauphine University

Contact name : BRUNO ZILIOTTO

Website :