F.A.Q Cofund MathInParis

Find all the answers to frenquently asked questions about the COFUND MathInParis call for application in this section of the FSMP website.

Any comments of other questions : please, send us an email using the "contact" link at the bottom of the page.


Can I change something after submitting the application ?

Yes. You'll receive by email a password after submitting your application. Thanks to your email address and the password you'll receive, you'll be able to change anything you want in your file until the end of the application procedure.
Pay attention : the password is also given online once you submit your application.

What is a resume/CV ?

It is a written description of your work experience, educational background and skills.

What is a cover letter ?

Also known as "letter of application", it is a document (max. 2 pages) sent with your resume to provide additional information on your skills and experiences. The goal of this letter is to make a case for getting selected for the PhD allowance, so it's important to include all required infomation, along with a compelling argument, that you're a strong candidate for the position.

I haven't got my school reports yet for my M2 or my Master certificate, can I apply ?

Yes, you can apply. You'll have to upload the school reports of your M1 and the one you received for the first semester of your M2.

I did not received the confirmation email of my application, what shoud I do ?

There are severeal answers :

- Please check your junk mails/spam box
- Your application may have failed
- You may have mispelled your email address

Please, contact us if there is another issue.

The submission failed, the application form went back to the beginning/a blank page, what shoud I do ?

You have to fill the form again.
Be carefull, sometimes, there are some problems with Mozilla Firefox. We suggest you to use another browser such as Chrome, Safari or IE.

The system has not recorded the CV, cover letter, etc. I've just uploaded.

Be sure all your documents are in the .pdf format. This form cannot upload large size file.

I've just uploaded the wrong file, I want to replace it.

You can delete yourself the document. Log in to your application and go back to the right step of the application. You'll have to click on the red cross of the document you wish to delete. Then you'll have to uplaod the right document, same way as before.

Advisor's information

My thesis advisor did not received any email to upload any document

There are severeal answers :

- You may have mispelled the email address. Go back to your application file and check if it is ok.
- The automatic email may have been considered as a spam.

You can send the link you received in the email confirming your application.
The FSMP cannot contact your thesis advisor.

My thesis advisor has to upload more than 1 document but there is only one link.

We advise you to generate one .pdf file with all the documents to upload.

Recommendation letters

Is it possible to add more letters of recommendation than asked ?

Yes, it is possible. In the very first email you'll receive (confirming your application), you'll find a link to your online file. You can send this link to other professors so that they can upload a letter of recommendation.

A professor did not received the email allowing him/her to uplaod the letter to my file. What should I do ?

An automatic email is sent to your professor as soon as you submit your application. If one of your professor does not received this email, you can send him/her the link you received in your email confirming your application. 
The FSMP cannot contact your professors.

How can I check if my professors did upload a letter ?

All your documents are available oneline with your login and your password. However, you cannont read or delete letters of recommendation.

Elegibility criteria

Please, not that this part is only concerning candidates selected for the second part of the call.

What sort of document should I upload to prove I didn't live in France more than 12 month in the last 3 years before the end of the call ?

You may upload one of the following document : a work contract, university grades and/or diplomas, utility bills, entry/exit stamp in passport or anything offical.

What sort of document should I upload to prove I'm in the first 4 years of my research career ?

You may upload a copy of a certificate/ degree/diploma, for instance.


At what time will the results be announced ?

For the 2018 call, there will be 2 announcements :

- April, 13th 2018 : 40 candidates will selected
- May, 20th 2018  : the 20 fellows will be announced