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Invitation for external scientists: in the form, below, please choose "Invitation laboratoire" in the field "Type de demande".  More information about this program available here.

Scientific stays for pre-doc students : in the form, below, please choose "Séjour doctorant" in the field "Type de demande".  More information about this program available here.

Other financial support : in the form, below, please  choose "Other" in the field  "Type de demande" and write a quick description of what you ask for in the section   "Autre demande".

Attention, by decision of the Board of Directors, the FSMP only supports financially the conferences that it organizes.

The form below is modified according to the type of request selected.

Demandes de financement 2024

The Fondation Sciences Mahtématique de Paris finances scientific stays for a three-month period maximum in external laboratories (French or from abroad). It is aimed at PhD students who are members of a laboratory affiliated to the foundation. The Fondation also offers a financial support for external scientists (junior/senior professors) to be invited in its affiliated laboratories for a two-to-three month stay. It is also possible to fill this form for exceptional support (Crédit d'intervention)

The steering committee gathers every 2 months. Click here for more information

Etat Civil (membre d'un laboratoire du réseau de la FSMP)

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